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At The Rim

It is vital for a player to be a solid finisher around the basket. At this level we focus on giving each player multiple finishing options from every angle at the basket, from stretching away from the defender, initiating contact with the defender, and avoiding a defender, we will give players the confidence and the ability to attack the rim and finish strong no matter the circumstance.


The midrange is becoming a lost art in the game. Players are becoming more and more reliant on threes, consequently, the game is shifting and teams are taught to guard the three point line heavily. With this change in the game, players are getting run off the three point line more often, leaving open space in the “heart of the defense”. We focus strongly on being an efficient midrange player, giving them the proper footwork and release to be deadly. When a player can effectively get to the middle of the lane and consistently knock down a pull-up jumper, it opens up everything else for not only that player but also the rest of the team.


Simply put, if a player is a marksman from the three point line, they will always find a spot on the team, playing time, and often long and fruitful careers. With our shooting techniques we will eliminate all unnecessary movements in the shot, making the long-range as consistent as possible. We will also give them the proper footwork to get into their shot quickly and in rhythm no matter if they are stationary, moving toward or away from the basket, off the dribble or off the pass, we will make sure that the players are consistent in their movements. Consistent feet=consistent shot.

Free Throws

Most coaches will tell you that free throws win games. We will make sure that each players’ free throw technique is optimal for being extremely consistent, even when that player is exhausted. Again, we will take away all the moving parts that are unnecessary in the shot. The players that work with us will be the players that demand the ball at the end of the game when the opposing team is fouling, they will have the confidence to step up to the line and put the game away.

Being effective from each level of scoring will change a players’ game and open up a whole new world of possibilities. With skill comes confidence, and with confidence comes the mindset to  ATTACK.

Elevate Your Game

Whatever your player’s goals may be we are committed to helping them achieve and even surpass their expectations. We realize that basketball is a “means” to an end and we will provide a positive environment that promotes strong character and life skills!

The Attack Basketball Academy is your place to find the best program for your player. We provide weekly skills training, developmental teams, specialty camps, and competitive teams. If its basketball and volleyball that you want, then you have found the place to be.

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